Morgan Stanley Interview experience (Off-campus for Summer 2021 Internship)

Nistha Gupta
2 min readJan 16, 2021


I’m Nistha Gupta currently in 3rd yr pursuing B.Tech from MAIT, Delhi (IPU) majoring in IT. I recently got selected in Morgan Stanley as a technology analyst intern. I have shared my whole experience of interviewing there.

Role : Technology Analyst Summer Intern for 2021. I applied on the careers page without any referral.

Round 1 : (Online Assessment)

There were 3 sections :

  1. Aptitude ( Medium level questions, time is the biggest constraint here.)
  2. Debugging (7–8 questions to debug, easy-medium level)
  3. Coding questions (3 questions of medium-hard level)

Round 2 : Technical Interview - ( lasted for around 75 mins)

After 1 month I got a call from hr that I had cleared the test and my interview was scheduled the next day.

Firstly I was asked to introduce myself then I was asked lots of questions on java and cpp basics, OOPs, Memory allocation, deallocation, lots of ques on operating systems (though I told him that I haven’t studied this sub yet but he wanted to test my approach and basic understanding of system).

I was asked to share my screen, compile and run the code. He asked me around 5–6 dsa questions(Leetcode medium level, 1q was of hard level). Topics include- DP, Sorting, Strings, Binary Search, Hashing which include theoretical questions as well. Then I was asked some more questions on Operating Systems and OOPs.

Any questions for the interviewer?

Next day I got a call from a recruiter that I had cleared my interview and wanted to schedule the next round :)

Round 3 : (HR + Technical interview) : 45 mins

This round supposed to be technical as well but I was only asked HR questions. Interviewer was very friendly and this round went great.

I was asked to introduce myself then I was asked various hr questions involving leadership skills, team work, motivation towards coding, etc.

He looked at my resume and said that you seem to have done lots of team work so he gave me various situations regarding that, he also asked about my hackathons and mentoring experiences. At this point he seemed to be quite impressed then we had a general discussion on IT industry, coding culture and about work culture at Morgan Stanley. Then any questions for the interviewer?

Previous internships and projects proved to be very useful for me.

I got an Email after 1.5 months that I had been selected for the internship.😍🤗

Tip : Be confident during the interview and do not mention anything on your resume about which you aren’t confident. Prepare core subjects (OS, OOPs, DBMS) well. For Off-campus aspirants: Be patient.

The overall procedure by Morgan Stanley was very smooth. The interviewers were very friendly.

I hope this helps :)

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Nistha Gupta

Microsoft Intern'21 | Former SDE Intern @Morgan Stanley'21 | Tech enthusiast